What we do?

The successful social media marketing campaigns that our TeamWEB specialists put together have one purpose: reaching the objectives that your business has set. The mix of communication in social media includes campaigns that increase the number of sales, brand awareness campaigns or remarketing campaigns for existing customers.
Additionally, in order to ensure the consistency of the messages and the functionality of the campaigns, our copywriters can create the necessary content for the campaign.

We’ve developed successful campaigns on:

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How we do it?

TeamWEB social media specialists will analyse your business in order to understand your necessities and to help you have a more active and relevant presence on social media.
Depending on your type of business and your field of activity, we will recommend social media networks where you should be present and we will create a promotion plan. This plan   may entail daily posts, adequate time frames and paid campaigns on various social media networks.


Stats show that Facebook has 7.200.000 users in Romania, LinkedIn has 1.460.000, Twitter has 200.000 accounts, Instagram 150.000, while Pinterest, despite the fact that no actual stats have been displayed, the number of users is said to be around 100.000. That being said, it is mandatory that your brand is active on one or more of these social networks.

Let’s get acquainted!

And we will talk about how you can increase your sales with the help of Social Media!