SEO requires a lot of work, knowledge, time and persistence. This will help you increase the relevance of your site in search engines, with the purpose of increasing your traffic and conversions implicitly. In order to be efficient, SEO needs a coherent approach while it is ongoing.

Servicii SEO

SEO Optimization steps

Website and Keyword Analysis

Our company will analyse your website’s status from the following perspectives: links, on-page optimization, user experience (usability) and current positions. Based on this analysis, we will provide you with a list of keywords, but also with a list of  SEO modifications meant to bring in new users, as well to make your site more trustworthy for search engines.

On-Page Optimisation

From the start, our objectives are to keep your site clean, quick and to offer your users an easy navigation experience. Through elements that are specific for on-page Search engine optimization, we will bring your website up to the standards of the Google search engine. The main elements that will be optimised are the headings, the meta descriptions and the content, by creating an adequate density of keywords per page. These elements vary depending on the site and especially on the target audience.

Link Building

We use white SEO in order to get the best positions. We have the know-how and we’re aware that it is very important to get relevant and good quality links in order for our partnership to be successful.
Link Building campaigns, in fact, help us better the relevancy and the position of the website in the Google search engine. To be more specific, through these Link Building campaigns, links that redirect to your website (backlink) are created using some articles/press releases posted on sites that are specific to your field of activity.

Monitoring and Reporting

You’ll get monthly reports, thus you will have complete control over your website, but also regarding its’ evolution within search engines. We will monitor your website on a daily basis we will constantly improve the position within Google search results.

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