PPC campaigns help you display your business in the top positions so that your message and the products you sell are as accessible as possible for potential clients. Through a PPC (Pay-per-Click) campaign with the help of the Google Adwords platform you will create the visibility you want for your business, as quickly as possible.

The campaigns that are made through Google Adwords will help you maintain a solid relationship with your competition, whilst displaying relevant information for your customers according to their needs.

Also, you only pay for the click that your website gets!

Campanii Adwords


Establishing Objectives

Every online business needs an online marketing strategy and Google Adwords campaigns should be amongst its’ components.
Because you are the one who knows his business at best and because you’ve made a plan for your company’s future, we will meet and discuss the objectives of a Google Adwords campaign. Currently, there are more types of campaigns, that differ from one business to the next one. Thus, when you are at the start of your journey and you want to make your business well-known on the market, we can build a branding campaign along with the classic search campaigns.We can also help you increase your sales, if, for example, you currently have an online store.
In the meeting that will have before we start the campaigns, we will take notes of your expectations, the available budget and what we can do with the allocated sum. According to your objective, we will chose the optimum solutions together. We are always open to new ideas and we convinced that together we can get the best results.



After we have agreed upon the objectives and the available budget, we have to chose a series of keywords to promote your business.
But before we do that we have to create a map of your site and etablish what campaigns we are going to set up. Every campaign will have one or more groups depending on the products that are being offered. For instance, if we create a campaign for “leather sandals” we can have the following groups: leather sandals, heel sandals, sole sandals. Everything depends on what kind of products you want to sell from that category.

The keywords help us show ads that are specific to your business, within the first Google searches. These are chosen according to your field of activity and the products/services you offer. In order to check on your competition for the chosen keywords, an average number of monthly searches and an estimated cost per click we will use Keyword Planner. This is a Google tool for pretesting the profitability of keywords.

Also, this offers insight in regards to new keywords in relation to the ones already used by the competition and thus we can improve the previously created list.

As soon as we have agreed upon the list of keywords, we can start putting them together in specific Ad Groups as we have previously stated. For each keyword group we will create specific ads that will have a specific landing page according to the text and chosen keyword. Thus, we can guarantee that, when the user has searched and has clicked on our ad, found what he was looking for and will not leave the website immediately. For example, if someone searches for “women’s boots” on Google we would have to direct them towards a page that offers that kind of products. Creating a relevant ad and choosing a correct landing page helps us improve the keywords’ quality score.

Campaign Settings

As soon as we have managed to cement the aspects from above, we will create your Google Adwords account. Every company that specialises in this field can create an admin panel for more campaigns called MCC (My Client Centre).

Here we will create your account in order for it to be easier to access and manage every time we want to see how the campaigns are doing and if any modifications are required.

Our Google Adwords specialists will set up all the campaign specific settings in order for it to function at optimum levels, in order for it to generate profit. A daily budget will be set for each campaign, but also a bid will be set for each keyword.

Initially, the bid per keyword will be influenced by the amount that the competition has bid and that’s what we are going to go for, because it is established by Google Adwords. As the campaign goes on and depending on the quality score of the keywords, we can adjust the initial bids. After we have activated the campaign or the campaigns, we will monitor them and we will verify the bids as not to exceed the agreed upon budget, while also reaching the objectives that we have established together. Above, we were mentioning the relevance of a landing page and the face that it offers a quality score for the used keyword. It has to be as exact as possible and it has to offer the information that the user is looking for in the moment in which he accesses your site. The more relevant it is, the more we can optimise the Google Adwords campaigns and obtain big profits with a low budget. Keep in mind that that Google Adwords is not expensive if a campaign is thought out and structured correctly and, furthermore, managed and optimised according to the daily evolution of the ads.

Using a conversion tracking tool you will be able to know its’ cost, thus you can calculate your profit.

As soon as all the settings have beep established, following the previously stated steps and we have made sure that everything is OK, we can launch the campaign/campaigns. After approximately 1-2 hours we can already start analysing data provided by Google, such as: the number of ad and keyword displays and clicks.

Managing Campaigns

From the moment in which the campaigns have been launched we have to constantly monitor and analyse their evolution. We will optimize the campaigns in order to help you obtain the biggest possible profit with the minimum investment. We have to mention that, in order to start optimizing the campaigns, at least 2-3 weeks of running the ads are required.

In order to monitor the Google Adwords campaigns as good as possible, we will use tools provided by Google that will be placed on the ads’ landing pages. For instance, if you own an e-shop and you want to know how many products you have sold through a Google Adwords campaign and what kind of products they are we will set up conversion tracking on the shopping cart in the E-commerce plugin.

All these settings are done along with your site’s technical support team. We will generate codes that should be embedded in the site, and then we will verify if everything is set up correctly before we activate the campaigns.

As our collaboration moves forward, we will offer support for implementing campaigns and we will come with new suggestions for improving your business. Also, we will conduct monthly reports with the details that concern ongoing campaigns. We offer transparency throughout our collaboration, because we want to establish a long-lasting and successful partnership for both sides.


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