A lot of people think that an email marketing campaign means just sending a simple newsletter, but actually things are much different. The email that you send should contain a concise message, made out of representative images and well defined texts. The messages should be correlated with the visual identity of the brand without boring the audience.

Email marketing is among the online promotion tools and helps build your brand’s visual identity.

How we do Email marketing

Servicii Email Marketing

1 - Establishing Objectives

2 - Elaborating the Strategy

3 - Campaign Implementation

4 - Results Evaluation

It is extremely important that your objectives are thoroughly understood, both internally, as well as by the marketing team, in order for your that message you want to transmit to be correlated with your business objectives.

Like in the case of any online campaign, email marketing needs a well put-together strategy, in order to establish objectives, budgets and corresponding costs.

The online marketing department will create the design of your newsletter, will segment your list of subscribers and will ensure that the emails arrive in your clients’ inbox at exactly the right time.

We measure the results of every marketing campaign, so we can provide exact data concerning the number of customers it has generated and marketing action efficiency.


Choose to have your business’ email marketing campaign to be handled by professionals!